Is This a Photo of Georgia Gov. Kemp as well as His Mother in KKK Garb?

A picture spread on social networks presents a younger kid as well as a female worn Klu Klux Klan (KKK) bonnets as well as bathrobes, along with an inscription determining account individuals as now-Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia as well as his mom:

No documentation recommends this is really an image of the Georgia guv or even his mom. The photo becomes part of the Bettmann Archive, on call via the aesthetic media business Getty Images along with an inscription taking note that the identifications of account individuals are actually unidentified:

More crucial, Getty Images details the production time for this photo as April 27,1956 As Brian Kemp was actually tolerated in 1963, it is actually certainly not temporally feasible that he may be the youthful kid observed listed below.

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